Gothic culture has always had a strong inclination towards the darker side of life. Inspired by the victorian era and music scene, gothic fashion styles and designs all very unique.

Gothic fashionOver the last decades, gothic fashion has become a popular clothing style commonly characterized by dark or mysterious traits usually worn by members of the Gothic subculture. Typical fashion styles include dyed hair and alternative accessories.

Gothic culture is often associated with the Victorian era. Gothic fashion staples include large, embroidered floral patterns on fabrics, pleats on skirts, and frills or bows on corsets. Common accessories include skull jewellery, alternative wallets and bags.

Gothic clothing is almost always long and ornate. The cuts are very different compared to mainstream styles. Fashion favourites often include velvet miniskirts, headbands, lace, ribbons, and other accessories. Some individuals may prefer leather bracelets, wrist chains, and earrings, while others may opt for silver.

For those who want to incorporate gothic styles there are several options. One of the most popular Gothic fashion items are Victorian-inspired coats that incorporate the classic V-neck cut. Accessories and jewellery from this period are also very popular and include brooches, pins, necklaces, and rings.

Individuals who wear gothic fashion may wear long, layered vests, which have designs like animal prints or skulls. One of the most popular pieces are a pair of knee-high boots.

Makeup often accentuates eye color is an elaborate way to emphasize the style. The use of shadows and lipstick enables individuals to achieve a dramatic effect.

Gothic jewellery can also be created from fashion jewelry items such as lace, bone, and fake diamonds. Gothic jewellery can also include items such as crystal balls, heart shaped and stylized gemstones, and even fake pearls.

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